Founder and Designer

Robert (Rob-o) McCallum

Over ten years of designing graphics in New York’s fashion industry and ten years of footwear and apparel design in Portland’s sportswear industry.

Rob decided to apply these experiences to create RootsNRooftops in 2020.

Our Philosophy

RootsNRooftops creates goods for your everyday journey.

Control is a large part of our brand. From the minimization of material, inventory, and waste—we’re fully dedicated to building sustainable products from the ground up.

Above all else, we produce high quality goods in the US.

The Signature Tee (2.0)

The Signature Tee

The basic t-shirt is a staple in everyone’s closet. Our goal is to build the perfect t-shirt to wear with your favorite blazer, but not lose what you love about a tee.

The Collar

What makes and breaks a tee for us is the collar — and that’s where we began. Pulling from our sportswear experience, we researched vintage jersey collars, including soccer. We wanted to bring in a tailored feel by using jersey fabric instead of a standard rib collar. This gives a cleaner look and allows us to split the collar and bring in a pop of color.

The construction of the collar dictates the type of jersey fabric that will be used.

After sewing up a few samples, we found the fabric needed to be 10oz. A jersey blend with a slight stretch. Relaxed in the body and sleeves, but not sloppy. With a nod towards shirt tailoring, we also added a drop tail when tucking in your tee is necessary.

Final Details

Finished with rich embroidery and carefully placed to work with your favorite jacket. We were left with an elevated tee for all occasions.