Founder and Designer

Robert (Rob-o) McCallum

Over ten years of designing graphics in New York’s fashion industry and ten years of footwear and apparel design in Portland’s sportswear industry.

Rob decided to apply these experiences to create RootsNRooftops in 2020.

Our Philosophy

RootsNRooftops creates goods for your everyday journey.

Control is a large part of our brand. From the minimization of material, inventory, and waste—we’re fully dedicated to building sustainable products from the ground up.

Above all else, we produce high quality goods in the US.

The Journey (2.0)

The Journey

This capsule was inspired by the research of Black Baseball’s legacy of barnstorming in the segregated south during the early 1900s. We always like to dive deep into compelling stories that influence our current lives. Through this, we learned about Black Baseball in Mexico and Cuba, and the Negro League All-Stars that took their high level of play across the world. 

This American tale inspired us to build a stylish and durable capsule for your own journey. The colors are inspired by the scenes these black players experienced, bold and sun-kissed. These dignified men discovered true freedom outside the United States. A country where they were constantly facing injustices. Playing baseball in the beautiful countries of Mexico and Cuba, our heroes found a sense of value they never felt before.

We affectionately call this Global Barnstorming.


Our RNR Wallet Bag is the first introduction piece.

The locally sourced materials are Indigo overdyed by hand. A technique I developed gives you slight imperfections and layers of color. Obsessed with indigo (the color of life) I studied dying techniques from Japan and Nigeria. Each dyed item is slightly different and all are one-of-a-kind.