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The Journey

The Journey
This capsule was inspired by the research of Black Baseball’s legacy of BARNSTORMING in the segregated south during the early 1900s. I always like to dive deep (sometimes too deep) into compelling stories that still influence our current lives. Through this, I discovered another sub-story about Black Baseball in Mexico and Cuba. Negro League All-Stars took their high level of play across the world. I affectionately call this Global Barnstorming.
These dignified men of stature finally discover true freedom outside of the United States. A country where they are constantly facing unrelenting injustice. Mexico and Cuba integrated baseball years before the United States. Playing baseball in these beautiful and tropical countries, our heroes found a democracy they never felt before. Their journey to experiencing true freedom. This American tale inspired me to build a stylish and durable capsule for your journey. The colors are inspired by these elite black players experiencing bold sun-kissed colors that heightened their scenes.
Our RNR Wallet Bag is the first introduction piece. The locally sourced materials are Indigo overdyed by hand. A technique that I developed gives you slight imperfections and layers of color. Obsessed with Indigo (the color of life) I studied dying techniques from Japan and Nigeria for years. Each dyed item is slightly different and one of a kind. ROOTS N ROOFTOPS accessories are built in Portland, OR. a city known for its high level of craftsmanship.

ROOTS N ROOFTOPS is dedicated to building dependable timeless goods that reflect our pride, resilience and beauty.

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