The Making of an Installation / The Converse

The Making of an Installation / The Converse

We were all drawn to the idea of sneakers hanging from street light wires. A subtle way of bringing the outside to the inside of the museum. I came up with the idea of using about six kids Converse All Stars sneakers. Using kid size shoes, I can color dye multiple shoes in one color vat. They should feel colorful, but washed out from the sun. I call it the Beautiful Grime. Once completed, they will have a dreamy effect to the viewer. 

I take one day to color dye the shoes and the next day I focus on dipping each shoe in Indigo. I had to use two different Indigo vats for each color so they would not contaminate each other. I have to be careful where I dry them. The wind can blow in the wrong direction and one red drip could ruin a yellow shoe. 

 After overdyeing, dipping and washing the Converse, I start to treat the midsoles with alcohol and then paint them with Indigo. I did more of a washed out look as if the kid splashed in Indigo. This look compliment the cushions very well. 


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