LeBron Zoom III Name Tag Design

LeBron Zoom III Name Tag Design

It's always nice to see your older work still live over the years. This is a graphic I did while at Nike for the 2006 LeBron Zoom III. I was assigned to create a name tag for the actual shoe. I was in the apparel design department, but we always collaborated with the footwear department. The energy comes from the Nike footwear team and having the opportunity to be part of the footwear design process is extremely humbling. Even though this assignment seems small, I was excited to have my graphic play a roll on a King James shoe. It had to be bold and refined like a warrior king. I discovered one of LeBron's favorite movies was Scarface. I always wanted to do a graphic inspired by the style and towering posture of the letters.

First sketch
LeBron sketch
LeBron Name Tag 
The monogram came out better than expected. I was extremely happy with the embossing details. To my surprise, Nike decided to use it on the footwear packaging, limited edition booklets and LeBron's signature watch.  
LeBron watch box

Blessed to see the name tag exist on the 2022 Barbershop edition.


LeBron Zoom 3 Barbershop @solecollector 


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