Art for the Portland Art Museum's JUNETEENTH

Art for the Portland Art Museum's JUNETEENTH

I had the pleasure to host a Indigo dyeing youth workshop at the Portland Art Museum's JUNETEENTH 2022 celebration . The event was a partnership with Numberz FM (@thenumberzfm) and Aux Mute Gallery (@auxmutegallery). Our special guest received free merch to customize and experience live screen printing by Two Dogs in a Boat. 

Line up at the live screen printing.

 Vibes supplied by DJAmbush! 

DJ Ambush controlling the vibes.

Free tees for customization.

I managed the dyeing workshop. It was amazing to  see everyone dive into the creative process. 

Line waiting for some Indigo dyeing.

Our goal is to acknowledging the importance of Portland's contribution to Black Baseball. I was tasked to create the art for the Hubbard Giants (1910) and the Portland Rosebuds (1946). I was honored that everyone trusted me to design the lead graphics for this major event at the museum. 


My inspiration was a blend of Toile-de-Jouy wallpaper, African Wax print and Negro League posters. I quickly built the art to feel like a pattern. Now we can isolate certain images and provide the guest interested in customizing merch with more options. Each image would tell their own story of Black Baseball, the legions of heroes. 

I had so many great conversations about Portland's Black Baseball and the West African tradition of Indigo dyeing. 

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